Ultra Mosquito Protection


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Ultra Mosquito Protection

Ultra Mosquito Protection

Drives away mosquitoes with ultrasonic sound.

Clean, economical and secure with high- end electronics. The safe and chemical free method of driving away mosquitoes effectively. The Gardigo Bite Free can be plugged into any outlet. Kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, dining room of free of mosquitoes. The device emits a to the human ear barely perceivable ultrasonic sound which will repel fertilised, female mosquitoes. Pets and other animals are not disturbed by the sound.

Ultra Bite Free was awarded medals at the Inventors Congress Nürnberg and in Austria. Ultra Bite Free has proven itself in the millions worldwide in private homes and commercial buildings.

The emitted frequency of 7000 Hz is a frequency that will repel only fertilised female mosquitoes. These are the ones that need human blood for the development of their eggs. The effectiveness of this phenomenon is illustrated by experts at the University of Hohenheim.


The facts:
- Mosquitoes, male and female, feed on flower sap.
- Only female mosquitoes bite.
- The wing beat of the male mosquito produces a higher frequency than that of the female. 

After mating female mosquitoes need proteins to develop their eggs. These proteins are found in the blood of their victims. Once female mosquito is fertilised, it is extremely sensitive to the frequency emitted by the wing beats of the male mosquito and will avoid the area. Based on this phenomenon the Ultra Bite Free emits a frequency, imitating the male wing beat. The female mosquito will immediately fly away from the sound, looking for a location without male mosquitos. To allow the mosquito a way out of the room, doors and windows should be kept slightly ajar. 

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Wir haben das Produkt im Kinderzimmer von unserem Sohn angeschlossen. Hatten erst ein wenig Angst, dass er den hohen Ton auch hören kann, aber dem ist nicht so. Wir haben seitdem auch noch keinen Mückenstich bei ihm gefunden.


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  • Covered area: 30 m²
  • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz with LED control
  • Power consumption: 1W
  • Safety class II
  • Dim.: 65 x 60 x 30 mm
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