Mosquito Protector, LED


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Mosquito Protector, LED

Mosquito Protector, LED

Drives away mosquitoes with ultrasonic sound.

The Gardigo Mosquito Repellent with LED Torch is equipped with a belt clip and a keyring. Although the device is small, approximately the size of a lighter, it will keep away all biting, flying insects in an area of 6 m by emitting ultrasonic frequencies. The integrated torch is a practical gadget when you are hiking in the evenings or camping. Enjoy fishing, hunting, riding, camping, swimming, sports and other activities without the fear of being bitten by mosquitoes. The Gardigo Mobile Mosquito Repellent has already helped thousands of people enjoy their life outdoors.


The facts:
- Mosquitoes, male and female, feed on flower sap.
- Only female mosquitoes bite.
- The wing beat of the male mosquito produces a higher frequency than that of the female. 

After mating female mosquitoes need proteins to develop their eggs. These proteins are found in the blood of their victims. Once female mosquito is fertilised, it is extremely sensitive to the frequency emitted by the wing beats of the male mosquito and will avoid the area. Based on this phenomenon the Ultra Bite Free emits a frequency, imitating the male wing beat. The female mosquito will immediately fly away from the sound, looking for a location without male mosquitos. To allow the mosquito a way out of the room, doors and windows should be kept slightly ajar. 

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  • Power Supply: 3 x AG13 button cell
  • With LED torch function
  • LED color: white
  • Lifespan approx. 50.000 hours
  • Dim.: 20 x 90 x 20 mm
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