Mosquito Free


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Mosquito Free

Mosquito Free

This is how you keep mosquitoes out of your room!

The small, inconspicuous box, Mosquito Free from Gardigo, banishes all mosquitoes from your room. The Mosquito Free contains a fragrance that is appealing to humans but appalling to mosquitoes. The mosquitoes find the scent so repulsive, that they will keep their distance. With the Mosquito Free, sleepless nights, itchy mosquito bites and irritating buzzing are subject of the past.

Place the can in the area you want to keep mosquito free and it will start working immediately. If there is no wind, one can can easily cover an area of 20 m². The can does not contain any unhealthy chemical agents.



denatured alcohol, stearin, glycerin, lavender oil and as an active ingredient PMD RBO (2% lemon/eucalyptus oil)

N-number: N65116

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

When used continuously, one can will last 4 to 6 weeks.


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From: 01.06.2017 18:47

Sehr wirksam!

Sehr gute Abwehr gegen Fliegen und Mücken. Ich verwende die Paste schpn jahrelang und bin zufrieden.

From: 20.09.2016 16:09

Riecht gut und wirkt!

Ich war ja skeptisch, habe die Dose gekauft und im Schlafzimmer aufgestellt. Die Paste riecht angenehm. Ich habe in den Raum seit 4 Wochen keine Mücke mehr gehört noch gesehen. Danke dafür - kann ich empfehlen!


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