Insect Trap with Smart Vacuum


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Insect Trap with Smart Vacuum


We are all too familiar with the problems that flying insects may cause: Flies get too close to our food, mosquitos bite and leave us with itchy bumps and moths feed from our clothing. Luckily, insects can be lured into a trap by using ultraviolet light. The Gardigo Insect Trap with Smart Vacuum makes use of this trait.

Unlike bug zappers, this electric insect trap is not killing insects by using high voltage. An integrated fan sucks them into the collecting container instead. The funnel shaped design of the trap and the fan prevent the insects from escaping. Flies, mosquitoes and moths are trapped inside the container where they will dehydrate. The container is easy to remove, allowing you clean it and dispose of the caught insects.

We recommend hanging the device in a height of 1,5 to 3 meters and to avoid close proximity to other light sources. Hang the device at a distance to people and food to reduce distraction and to increase the catch quota of the lamp. Ideally it is placed in a room that is currently not in use, like a bedroom, 30 – 60 minutes before going to bed. As soon as you go to bed, put the lamp in the hallway to keep further insects away from your bedroom.

For the protection of our environment and for the safety of endangered protected species, this product may only be used indoors.

Note: The function of attracting flying insects is only given to insects that react to light.


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  • with UV
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