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Insekten-Schutz-Gitter – das Fliegen- und Moskitonetz zum Durchgreifen für Dachfenster von Gardigo
Fly Screen for Skylights
For skylight windows up to 140 x 120 cm UV protection: durable, aluminium coated polyester fabric with zipper size can be individually adjusted colour: anthracite Attic flats and lofts can heat up a lot in summer. In the evening hours,...
Insekten-Schutz-Vorhang – der anpassbare Insektenschutz für Türen von Balkonen und Terrassen von Gardigo
Fly Screen Curtain
For doors up to 100 x 220 cm Can be cut to the individual size of your doors. high quality fibreglass fabric with magnetic clasps easy to open – even for pets colour: anthracite Balcony doors and other exits or entrances are often kept...
Insekten-Dreh-Fänger – die elektrische Insektenfalle mit Saugfunktion von Gardigo
Insect Trap with Smart Vacuum
Attracts insects with UV light Air draft sucks mosquitoes into the collecting container We are all too familiar with the problems that flying insects may cause: Flies get too close to our food, mosquitos bite and leave us with itchy...
Stechmücken-Feind LED – die Mückenabwehr für die Steckdose mit Nachtlicht von Gardigo
Mosquito Repellent LED
fend off gnats with a high frequent tone integrated LED nightlight clean, modern design developed in germany! Itchy mosquito bites can be avoided, but what can you do about midges without using poison or chemicals? The Gardigo Mosquito...
Stechmücken-Feind – der Mückenstecker für zu Hause gegen Stechmücken von Gardigo
Mosquito Repeller
Mosquito bites are a nuisance. They swell, get red and itch. Scratching only makes things worse. Very effective for biting mosquitos Covers a great area Developed in germany! Now you can do something to prevent midges from biting you!...
Mosquito control without the use of chemical agents! Keeps mosquitoes away with ultra high frequencies Additional 230V outlet socket If you want to prevent mosquito bites you need to be active. Use the mosquito repellent plug...
Mosquitonetz Kegelform für Doppelbetten – das Himmelbett als Schutz gegen Mücken von Gardigo
Mosquito Net, Cone
The protective mosquito net for your bed. The mosquito net, design for a double bed, is simply hung over the mattresses and is the ideal mosquito protection at night. Protect yourself, your children and your partner against unloved...
Mosquito Net, Square
Mosquito Net, Square
The effective protection against mosquitoes. Guarantees bite free nights indoors and outdoors. To ensure a night without irritating mosquitoes it is necessary to take precautionary measures before nightfall. Protect yourself, your...
Mosquito Bite-Repellent
Mosquito Bite-Repellent
Protects you against mosquito bites when you’re out on the nature. With integrated LED and keychain Emits ultrasonic sounds The ideal travel companion Mosquito bites itch is, turns red, becomes thick and the longer you scratch it to ease...
Solar Insektenfalle – die Insektenfalle für Tag und Nacht von Gardigo
Solar Insect Trap
All in one mosquito and wasp trap. The ideal protection against wasp stings and mosquito bites. The liquid attracts wasps during the day The LED light attracts mosquitoes at night The Gardigo Solar Insect Trap is effective during the day...
Mosquito Protector, LED
Mosquito Protector, LED
The Gardigo Mosquito Protector, LED drives away mosquitoes by using ultrasonic frequencies at home and when travelling. Supplied with LED light, belt clip and keychain.
Stechmücken-Abwehr – der Abwehrstecker mit Ultraschall gegen Mücken von Gardigo
Mosquitoes Repellent
The Gardigo Mosquitoes Repellent protects you in on an environmentally friendly way from mosquitoes and other biting insects by using ultrasonic sound.
Vario-Schutz 3 in 1 – der Stecker mit 3 verschiedenen Frequenzeinstellungen gegen Ungeziefer von Gardigo
Vario-Protection 3 in 1
The Gardigo Vario-Protection 3 in 1 drives away the great number of pests including mice, rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches and martens in an environmentally friendly way.
Vario-Schutz 3 in 1 Solar – der mobile Tiervertreiber mit Ultraschall und Solarpanel von Gardigo
Vario-Protection 3 in 1 Solar
The Gardigo Vario-Protection, 3 in 1 Solar drives away the great number of pests including mice, rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches and martens in an environmentally friendly way from your home and garden.
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