Fruit Fly Trap, Set of 2 incl. attractant



  • 1 entry hole
  • Height: 11 cm
  • Width: 13,5 cm
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Controls the invasion of fruit flies into your home. For hanging or setting down. Incl.... more
  • Controls the invasion of fruit flies into your home.
  • For hanging or setting down.
  • Incl. 100 mL attractant concentrate for 1 L attractant.
  • Escape almost impossible.

Fruit flies are particularly active in the summertime, flying around kitchens and pantries. The pesky flies in numbers, so that even covering fruit and food doesn’t stop them from being a nuisance. They will search out every corner just to get to the sweet food. They are just very hard to get rid of. In order to protect your food and enjoy a meal in peace and quiet we offer you our Gardigo Fruit Fly Trap with the ideal bait to get rid of the flies. The smell of the bait will attract the fruit flies into the trap from which they can then barely escape.

All you need to do is fill the container at the bottom of the Fruit Fly Trap with water and add the attractant. Then place or hang the Fruit Fly Trap in the kitchen, into the pantry or near some fruit or bio waste. All fruit flies will head straight for the trap, attracted by the smell.


Mix 10 mL of fruit fly attractant with 100 mL of water. The emitted scent will lure the flies into the trap. The special design of the upper and lower shell gives no chance of escape. The Fruit Fly Trap can also be set up near bio waste or fruit as a precaution, to eliminate all fruit flies entering the room.


2 traps, 2 chords for hanging, 100 mL attractant concentrate for 1 L attractant.


fruit extracts, water, organic acids.

Keep away from children!

Use best before: see label

Gebrauchsanweisung Obstfliegen-Fänger 2er-Set inkl. Lockstoff (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Fruit Fly Trap, Set of 2 incl. attractant"
6 Jun 2016


In unserer Küche halten sich seit einigen Wochen vermehrt Fruchtfliegen am Obst auf. Sie sind sehr lästig und deswegen haben wir uns für den Kauf dieses Produktes entschieden. Wir haben es daraufhin in einer Ecke in der Küche aufgehangen. Die Obstfliegen fanden den Geruch des Lockstoffes wohl ansprechender als das Obst, denn sie sind nach und nach in die Falle geflogen. Ich würde das Produkt jedem mit einem ähnlichen Problem weiterempfehlen!

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