UV Insect Trap 20qm


  • Covered area: 20 m²
  • On/off switch
  • Light source: 4W UV lamp
  • High power grid: 1600 V
  • Power supply: 220 V/50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 230 x 150 x 10 mm
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UV-lamp attracts flying insects and blast them at the grid of high-voltage Area of effect... more
  • UV-lamp attracts flying insects and blast them at the grid of high-voltage
  • Area of effect approx. 20 m²
  • 4 W UV-lamp included

The Gardigo Flying Insect Killer 20 m² with UV Light and on off switch keeps rooms up to 20 m² free of insects. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, etc. are all attracted by the special UV light and killed by the high voltage mesh quickly, painlessly and hygienically. They fall into the collecting vessel at the bottom of the device which can easily be emptied and cleaned. 

Hang the insect killer in the desired location and plug it in. Insects are attracted and killed by the high voltage grid.

The UV lights use, compared to the blue bowl or LED far more attractive to the insects, leaving you with a pest free room.

UV light, Blue Light or LED?   The market offers a great number of pest killers. At... more

UV light, Blue Light or LED?


The market offers a great number of pest killers. At first sight they are very similar but the used techniques can be very different with big differences in the effect.


The LED has a reputation of being very energy efficient, but for this cause energy efficiency is not the point. The point is the effect and the result that the device can achieve. One or two mosquitoes might fly into the trap, but others will stay in the room and be a nuisance.


The Blue Light is to our eyes similar to the UV light, but has nothing in common with it. The Blue Light is the normal light or an LED emitting a whole range of light waves and then filtering out part of the waves with the blue filter. These light waves have absolutely no attraction on insects and the lamp usually uses more energy.


The only light that will attract insects, flies, moths and mosquitoes effectively is a real UV light. A UV light differentiates between UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light frequencies. The Pest Control/Repellent devices from Gardigo all use UV-A light at 365 nm, which will also attract daytime-active insects. The UV-A light is not harmful for humans.


The devices on the market also have big differences in the integrated high voltage grid in which the flying insects are killed. Many grids are built in such a way, that if one of the lines in the grid is damaged, the whole grid loses its function and becomes ineffective. Most of our devices are designed in such a way, that the grid, even if part of it is damaged in some places, it will still be effective with the high voltage, killing off the insects.

For the protection of our environment and for the safety of endangered protected species, UV lamps with high-voltage grids may only be used indoors.

Small flying insects such as mosquitoes are killed immediately and painless. Larger, harmless insects such as butterflies can get caught in the mesh without being killed immediately, resulting in a long, painful death. When using such devices in the open there is always the danger of killing valuable, useful insects or endangered species that are under protection such as bees and certain butterflies and moths. Please keep this in mind and protect the nature.

Gebrauchsanweisung Fluginsekten-Vernichter 20 m² Isokat Midi mit UV-Licht (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "UV Insect Trap 20qm"
29 Jun 2016

Keine lästigen Fliegen mehr!

Da wir auf einem Bauernhof leben, bleiben Fliegen leider nicht aus. Wir haben schon viel probiert um diese dauerhaft loszuwerden, aber leider war nichts davon erfolgreich. Doch dieses Gerät hat uns geholfen! Leicht zu säubern und sehr effektiv. Es wäre schön, wenn ein Gerät mehr als 20 qm abdecken würde, wir mussten uns einen für jeden Raum kaufen. Aber ansonsten top!

12 Aug 2015

Wirkung kam erst später

Ich habe das Gerät Zuhause bei mir aufgestellt und war zuerst etwas enttäuscht, weil trotzdem nach einiger Zeit noch Mücken im Zimmer waren. Habe es dann nach ein paar Stunden woanders platziert, letztendlich hat es gewirkt. Ob es nun am anderen Platz lag oder ob das Gerät erst „warm werden“ muss, weiß ich leider nicht ... Aber mittlerweile funktioniert es und ich bin den Großteil der Mücken los.

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