Fly-Scare Glass


  • Dimensions: approx. 10 x 20 cm
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for open doors and windows Creates optical illusions (magnification, colour and movement)... more

for open doors and windows

  • Creates optical illusions (magnification, colour and movement) for scaring away flies
  • also suitable for balconies and patios

The Fly-Scare Glass is an innovative product, based on a fly repelling technique originating from South America. Water filled plastic bags in open doors and windows for repelling pesky insects are a common sight there. The Gardigo Fly-Scare Glass uses the same principle, but in a beautiful, decorative design.

Fill the handmade glass orb with water and it will create a plethora of optical effects. It disperses the light like a prism (also known as the rainbow effect). The drop shape makes it work like a magnifying glass. Objects behind it will be displayed upside down, mirrored and enlarged. The glass will look like a moving object to the insect flying by. This is why they try to avoid it.

Use: Fill the Gardigo Fly-Scare Glass with water and hang it in an open window, patio or balcony door.

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customer reviews on "Fly-Scare Glass"
24 Nov 2021

sieht schön aus

Ich bin mal gespannt ob es funktioniert. Habe es gerade aufgehängt. Sieht auf jedenfall schonmal hübsch aus.

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