Fly Scare



  • Dim.: 8 x 25 x 8 cm
  • Rotor span: 40 cm
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What is the greatest annoyance when you are having a meal? What will spoil your appetite? That's... more

What is the greatest annoyance when you are having a meal? What will spoil your appetite? That's right, the common house fly. The insects will sit on your food or buzz around your dining table. No matter how often you chase them away by striking at them with your hand, pesky flies will always return to the table.

It is just unsavoury when they feed from salads or grillables at a garden party or barbecue, even before the event has started. You keep having to scare flies away, which is keeping you from having some delicious food yourself. The mere thought of it is exhausting, considering how many flying insects are around us during summer.

The Gardigo Fly Scare device is just what you need. This decorative pyramid does the job more steadily and reliably than you could do yourself. Switch the device on and place it in the centre of your table. The spinning rotors scare flies away from your food. Reflective strips on the rotors have an additional fly repelling effect.

Hansen Lab Test:

Gardigo Fly Scare was tested by Hansen Lab (New Mexico State University).

Conclusion: „The Tevigo table fan worked as advertised. Fly catch rates when the fan was in the ON setting were approximately one fifth of those when the fan was in the OFF setting. e found a significant reduction of catches when the fan was rotating.“

Hansen Lab - 8/2017 (PDF) more
Gebrauchsanweisung Fliegenwedler (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Fly Scare"
8 Jun 2018

Hält den Tisch frei von Fliegen

Ich bin positiv überrascht. Anfangs war ich etwas skeptisch, da die Flügel sehr instabil aussahen. Allerdings hat das Gerät super bei unserem Grillabend funktioniert.

3 Jun 2018

Praktisch beim Grillen

Hält nicht nur lästige Fliegen, sondern auch Wespen vom essen fern. Endlich ist Ruhe beim Grillen. Wirkt nicht nur gut, auch optisch ist es ein echter hingucker!

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