Electronic Fly Swatter



  • Batteries: 2 x AA Mignon (1.5 V)
  • Dimensions: L x W x H = 46 cm x 18.5 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Caution! High Voltage! < 45 µC
  • Caution! May cause intense shock reactions.
  • Keep away from children!
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Flies and mosquitos are a nuisance to you? Using the Gardigo Electronic Fly Swatter you can kill... more

Flies and mosquitos are a nuisance to you? Using the Gardigo Electronic Fly Swatter you can kill pesky flying insects without causing them pain.

Striking them with a traditional fly swatter often leaves blood marks on the walls. The Gardigo Electronic Fly Swatter is not designed to squash flies and mosquitos to death. Instead, it kills them using high voltage, keeping your wall papers clean.

Setting up the device is quick and easy: Open the battery compartment to insert two 1.5 V AA batteries. Pushing the red button on the handle activates the high voltage grid, as indicated by the red LED. Now you can try hitting flies or mosquitos. The Gardigo Electronic Fly Swatter works for flying insects as well as sitting ones.

Caution! Do not touch the grid during operation! The outer grid is designed to protect you from unintentionally touching the inner high voltage grid.

Try hitting insects with the grid. The voltage will kill them as soon as they touch the inner grid. To remove dead insects, shake or brush the unit. Remove the batteries before cleaning it with water. Make sure the device is absolutely dry before taking it into operation again.

Heimwerker Praxis Test:

Gardigo Electronic Fly Swatter was evaluated in the magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” 5/2017 as “good “= 1,5.

Conclusion: „Gardigo‘s electric fly swatter is a device that looks funny at first glance, but it does a good job and can help to protect beneficial insect and hence the.“

Hansen Lab Test:

Gardigo Electronic Fly Swatter was tested by Hansen Lab (New Mexico State University).

Conclusion: „Roughly two thirds of the houseflies propelled against the electric fly swatter got stuck between the outer and inner metal mesh and were immediately electrocuted or incapacitated. The fly swatter performed as advertised.“

Hansen Lab - 8/2017 (PDF) more
Gebrauchsanweisung Elektrische Fliegenklatsche Bzzz (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Electronic Fly Swatter"
11 Jun 2018

Handlich und Praktisch

Manche Fliegen werden nicht immer beim ersten Schlag beseitigt. Trotzdem erledigt das Gerät seine Aufgabe,liegt gut in der Hand und lässt sich ganz einfach bedienen

10 May 2018


Fängt nicht nur Fliegen sondern gleichzeitig auch Wespen und Mücken ohne eine Sauerei zu hinterlassen. Super ist auch das Schutzgitter, dass man leider kaum noch findet.

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