Cockroach Trap, set of 3


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Monitoring system - detect infestation early on Sticky trap without poison As... more

Monitoring system - detect infestation early on

  • Sticky trap without poison

As omnivores, cockroaches and cockroaches feed on all kinds of organic materials. They can find food anywhere. But kitchens, pantries and all places where leftovers can lie about are particularly likely to be infested. Usually the insect pests are only active in the dark. This makes it difficult to catch an infestation in time. Often the animals are only spotted when it already is too late and a large insect population has made itself at home.

Since cockroaches can spread pathogens, a possible infestation should be monitored for hygienic reasons. Monitoring is particularly important in restaurants, large kitchens, bakeries, pubs, hotels and hospitals.


  1. Unfold the trap and peel off the protective foil from the sticky surface.
  2. Fold the sides and assemble the trap as shown.
  3. Put the trap in a place where you suspect an infestation. The insects prefer humid and warm environments. The protective foil at the bottom of the trap can be removed to stick it to secure it to the floor.
  4. The product can be disposed of with household waste.

Attention! If medical advice is needed, have packaging or label available as reference. Keep out of reach of children.

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2 Dec 2021


Habe eine Schabe in meiner Küche gefangen. Funktioniert sehr gut, aber man sollte sich gedulden können

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