Cockroach Trap


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Cockroach Trap

Cockroach Trap in action

Of the Cockroach Trap with bait compartment!

How do you get rid of cockroaches without using chemicals or poison?

This electronic Cockroach Trap is highly effective without the use of chemicals and causes no environmental hazard. Annoying bugs, such as cockroaches, silverfish and sowbugs are lured into the trap by bait placed into the centre of the device. You can use dry dog or cat food, cheese, sausage or small apple pieces. The special construction of the device does not allow any chance of escape. When approaching the bait, the insects will come into contact with the high-voltage grid, killing them instantly and hygienically. The dead insects are concealed from site so that there is no disgusting display of the insects. They can then be hygienically disposed of. The discreet flat design of the Cockroach Trap makes it an unobtrusive product, allowing it to nicely fit into the environment without being eye-catching. An effective and attractive form of pest control.

The Cockroach Trap is for indoor use only and the ideal remedy against cockroaches and other crawling insects!


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  • Power supply: USB cable (included) or power supply 5 V, 500 mA (included)
  • High-voltage: 1200 - 1500 V (interval 3 sec ON, 3 sec OFF)
  • Covered area: approx 40 m²
  • Switch: ON/OFF
  • Working temperature: –20 °C to +50 °C, ≤ 90 % R.H.
  • Storage temperature: –5 °C to +50 °C, ≤ 90 % R.H.
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