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Schaben-Falle 3er-Set – das Klebefallen-Set gegen Schaben und Kakerlaken im Haushalt von Gardigo
Cockroach Trap, set of 3
Monitoring system - detect infestation early on Sticky trap without poison As omnivores, cockroaches and cockroaches feed on all kinds of organic materials. They can find food anywhere. But kitchens, pantries and all places where...
€ 4.99 *
Schaben-Vernichter – die Schabenfalle mit Hochspannungsgitter & ohne Gíft von Gardigo
Cockroach Trap
Of the Cockroach Trap with bait compartment! How do you get rid of cockroaches without using chemicals or poison? This electronic Cockroach Trap is highly effective without the use of chemicals and causes no environmental hazard....
€ 39.90 *
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