Sticky Tree Barrier – 5 metres

Transparent sticky trap

  • Subtle, as it is nearly invisible
  • For apple trees and other fruit trees
  • Against winter moths, aphids and ants
  • String included
  • Length: 5 m
€ 9.99 *

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Protection from winter moths and ants Pests like greenflies and winter moths are making it... more

Protection from winter moths and ants

Pests like greenflies and winter moths are making it tough for trees to survive. Harvesting fresh fruit in the garden in summer requires protecting your plants from insects early on.

The Gardigo Sticky Tree Barrier is a glue band which is nearly insurmountable for ants and winter moths. They get stuck on their way to the top of the tree.

The wingless winter moth females crawl up the trunks in autumn to lay their eggs in the crown of the trees. The larvae, which hatch in spring, are hungry and will do great damage. The Sticky Tree Barrier cuts off their way.

Ants do not harm the tree by themselves, but they protect aphids from their natural predators and foster them, to feed from their honeydew. A good reason to deny them access to the crown.

We picked the colour of the Sticky Tree Barrier with great care. White tree glue band attract a lot of useful insects. The Gardigo barrier does not, as it is transparent. This makes it blend into the surrounding environment nicely. You will hardly even notice it!

The Gardigo Sticky Tree Barrier is a glue trap and does not use any insecticide or poison.


  • Smooth the uneven bark to allow the Sticky Tree Barrier to be tight to the trunk at all points. Close larger gaps with clay. This is to prevent the pests from crawling under the glue ring.
  • Cut off a piece of the sticky band. Its length should match the circumference of the tree. Add another 10 cm to allow the ends to overlap. This will help attaching the band.
  • Place the Sticky Tree Barrier at a height of 60 cm. Mare sure that the glue surface with the protective paper faces outwards and pull the band tightly around the tree. Pull the protective paper off the excess length of the glue ring and stick the ends together. Now you may pull off the rest of the protective paper.
  • Secure the glue band with the supplied string above and below the sticky surface.
  • The tree barrier will be sticky for approximately 2 months after installation and should be replaced after this period.


  • Dimensions: 500 x 16 cm
  • string included
power supply: ohne
place of use: outdoor
operating principle: Klebefalle
animal: Ameisen, Blattläuse, Frostspanner
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customer reviews on "Sticky Tree Barrier – 5 metres"
23 May 2023

Leimring hilft

bei Ameisen, funktioniert gut, die Montage ist bei Bäumen mit glatter Rinde gut zu machen. Bei alten Bäumen funktioniert es nur mäßig.

2 Dec 2021


Witzig wie man beobachten kann wie die ganzen Ameisen an meinem Baum kleben bleiben.

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