Solar Ant Repellent


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Solar Ant Repellent

Solar Ant Repellent in action

The ideal ant repellent for your garden!

  • Become proactive, before ants invade your garden.
  • Keeps the ants away at all times.

The Solar Ant Repellent deters any ants from entering and nesting in your garden. Just stick the Ant Repellent into the ground. The thin aluminium build makes this easy to do. The repellent will then send out vibrations every 45 seconds at a frequency of 600 Hz. This noise will make the life of the ants in the vicinity miserable. To make sure that ants do not cause any damage in your garden it is recommended to use the device as a preventive measure against an invasion of ants. The Ant Repellent can also be used in large flowerpots or raised flower beds.


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  • Covered area: 700 m²
  • Frequency: every 45 seconds, 600 Hz
  • Solar panel: 2 V 30 mA
  • IP code: IP 56, watertight
  • Rechargeable battery: 1.2 V, 80 mA, Ni-MH button cell
  • Material: head: ABS, stave: aluminium
  • ON / OFF switch
  • Dim.: 7 x 27,5 x 7 cm
€ 14.90 *

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