Anti-Ant, Bio Repellent


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Anti-Ant, Bio Repellent


What to do about vermin in your house?

Anti-Vermin Spray is a product for treating problems with vermin such as ants, silverfish or cockroaches. The product is applied directly onto the insects or eggs.

It uses Pyrethrum as its main active ingredient, which attacks the nerve cells of insects and eventually kills them. The addition of oils supports this effect by blocking their respiratory passages. Thus the pest infestation is contained until it dissolves completely.

Pyrethrum has been a popular means of treating vermin problems as far back as ancient times as it produces visible results quickly. As an effective insecticide for home use it is still indispensable.


Spray onto vermin directly from a distance of approximately 20 cm. Anti-Vermin Spray can be used against eggs and adult insects. Spray directly onto the nest if possible.

Attention: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information carefully before use.

Ingredients: Pyrethrum, sesame oil, tannin, water


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From: 16.08.2015 15:32

Anwendung dauert, ist aber effektiv!

Ich habe dieses Spray gekauft, um die Ameisen auf meiner Terrasse loszuwerden. Es wirkt sehr gut und mit der zeit verschwinden sie auch. Ich musste das Nest aber mehrmals am Tag besprühen bis sie vollständig weg waren.


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