Insect Hotel “Nature”


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Insect Hotel “Nature”

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When the first warm sun rays come out in spring, insects such as bees and ladybugs can be seen again in the garden. At first they are flying around in search of a home to rest and nest. The bees become active from mid April and start pollinating flowers, fruit trees and of course the strawberries.

Ladybugs are always in search for a dwelling, providing them with protection against bad weather conditions and predators. As a home, the ladybug prefers a natural surroundings. Ladybugs are useful insects that you really want to welcome into your garden as they will rid your plants from pests such as lice. Therefore by hanging up a Gardigo Insect Hotel “Nature” we can support them by offering them a nice and comfortable place to stay.

The Insect hotel is easy to hang up and due to its natural design, made of FSC-certified wood, fits harmoniously into any garden. The specially selected materials from which it is made will attract ladybugs, butterflies, lacewings and bees.


Place or hang the Gardigo Insect Hotel in spring or in summer in a sunny but protected spot in your garden or on your terrace. Sooner or later insects will visit and settle down. Food can usually be found in the surrounding garden. Many insects are very useful in our garden, killing off pests or pollinating flowers. Some insects will hibernate in the hotel through the winter. It is a great fun to watch the life of the butterfly and to help them. Especially for children this is a great experience.

Please note:

  1. Hang the Gardigo Insect Hotel in a sunny spot, sheltered against wind and rain.
  2. The entrance of the house should ideally show south.
  3. Leave the hotel hanging in winter. Insects might be nesting and hibernating in it.
  4. Do not varnish or paint the Gardigo Butterfly House. The solvents or the paint might be harmful for the insects. The insects will also not like the smell and avoid using the house.

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  • Height: ca. 29 cm
  • Width: ca. 21 cm
  • Depth: ca. 9,5 cm
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