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Insektenhotel Lebensbaum – der mystische Lebensbaum aus naturbelassenem Holz für die Artenvielfalt von Gardigo
Insect Hotel “Tree Of Life”
For nesting and overwintering Biodiversity begins in your garden! For solitary bees, ladybirds, lacewings and butterflies The tree of life is an ancient, mythical symbol that connects all forms of creation living between heaven and the...
€ 29.90 *
Insektenhotel XXXL Made in Germany – das große Insektenhotel, gefertigt in einer sozialen Einrichtung, von Gardigo
Insect Hotel XXXL – Made in Germany
for supporting solitary bees and many other insect species boxes can be opened and filled to your liking In a large garden, a great variety of beneficial insects can be fostered and supported. Ideally with an extra large insect nesting...
€ 199.90 *
Insektenhotel – das kleine Insektenhotel aus naturbelassenen Holz zum Aufhängen oder Hinstellen von Gardigo
Insect Hotel
The Gardigo Insect Hotel attracts bees and ladybirds giving them a place for breeding and hibernating.
€ 21.90 *
Insektenhotel XXXL – das große Insektenhotel mit vielen Möglichkeiten von Gardigo
Insect Hotel XXXL
The Insect Hotel is an eye-catcher in your garden. Attracts bees, lacewings, ladybirds etc. For nesting and hibernating. Reduces vine lice in your garden. Place the Insect Hotel XXXL in spring or summer on a rain protected but sunny spot...
€ 169.90 *
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