Hedgehog House


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The Gardigo Hedgehog House is the ideal hibernation site for the hedgehog. It helps him survive... more

The Gardigo Hedgehog House is the ideal hibernation site for the hedgehog. It helps him survive the winter warm and safe. It is an ideal dwelling which the hedgehog may not only use for the winter but throughout the year as it is the ideal protection from cats and other predators. If you are lucky the hedgehog will make the Hedgehog House to his permanent residence. This is always good news for your garden as hedgehogs mainly feed on snails, worms and other insects. The house supplied as a DIY kit in the assembly is very easy with the clear and understandable assembly instructions.


After assembling the Hedgehog House, it should be placed in a sheltered cool spot in the garden, for example under a hedge or shrubs or even under a mound of leaves. The house is ideally set up in autumn and filled with straw, leaves and hay. Make sure that the house is protected from direct sunlight.

After a hedgehog has hibernated through the winter, the house should be thoroughly cleaned every year in springtime and set with fresh nesting material. To clean the house only use hot water and no detergents.

Important: the hedgehog should not be disturbed during hibernation in winter.

This product is made of FSC®-certified wood. FSC® is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. Help us save our planet’s “green lung” for future generations!

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customer reviews on "Hedgehog House"
7 Nov 2018

Super spaßiger Zusammenbau!

Mein kleiner Sohn liebt einfach Igel über alles! Als er letztes Jahr einen das erste Mal zu Gesicht bekommen hat bei uns im Garten musste er direkt ein Kuscheltier haben. Als ich dieses kleine Häuschen sah, wusste ich sofort, dass er es super finden würde den Igeln zu helfen.
Wir haben das Haus gut zusammenbauen können auch ohne meinen Mann. Wie beschrieben aufgestellt. Letztes Wochenende haben wir schon den ersten Igel das Haus besuchen gesehen. Fantastisch!

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