Butterfly house


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Butterfly house

Schmetterlingshaus Szenebild

It is easier to attract butterflies into the Butterfly House if you have the garden full of flowers, trees and bushes. The butterflies will then find the area attractive with a lot of nectar. You can lure the butterflies into the house by putting a few twigs of stinging nettle or lavender inside. The scent will attract butterflies to the location giving them a dry hideout and a place for nesting and hibernating.


Place or hang the Gardigo Butterfly House in spring or in summer in a sunny but protected spot in your garden or on your terrace. Sooner or later butterflies will visit and settle down. Food can usually be found in the surrounding garden if there are enough plants that have flowers. Some butterflies will stay in the house through the winter. It is a great fun to watch the life of the butterfly and to help them. Especially for children this is a great experience.

Please note:
1.  Hang the Gardigo Butterflies House in a sunny spot, sheltered against wind and rain.
2.  The entrance of the house should ideally show south.
3.  Leave the house hanging in winter. Butterflies might be nesting and hibernating in it.
4.  Do not varnish or paint the Gardigo Butterfly House. The solvents or the paint might be harmful for the animals. The animals will also not like the smell and avoid using the house.


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From: 12.06.2015 09:35

Freude im Garten

Unser kleines Kind hat letztens in einem Baumarkt ein Schmetterlingshaus gesehen und wollte unbedingt eines im Garten haben. Da uns die Aufmachung aber nicht zugesagt hat, haben wir uns nochmal weiter umgeschaut und letztendlich dieses schicke Häuschen gekauft. Die Schmetterlinge sind nachts im Häuschen und unser Kind ganz aus dem Häuschen. ;-)


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Dimensions of the butterfly house

  • Height: 16 cm
  • Width: 15,5 cm
  • Depth: 10 cm
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