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In our cleaned up the countryside holes and enclosures in rotten logs have become quite rare. It has therefore become all the more important to provide artificial nesting boxes, to give birds protection and shelter.

Every living creature wants to have a home. Many birds build their nests from natural materials they find in the countryside such as branches, straw and other materials. The Gardigo Nesting-Cotton is one of those materials that birds will gratefully use when building their nest.

The structure of the material will give the nest the stability and the comfort that is needed. You can also add hair, wool or soft straw when laying out the Nesting-Cotton.


Place or hang the Nesting-Cotton to a rain protected but sunny spot in your garden or on the terrace. The best time to do this is in early spring. The birds will find the cotton and will use it for building their nest. It can bring great joy to watch the busy activities of the birds and it is also a great experience for your children.


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  • Diameter of the ball: 15 cm
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