Bird Nest


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Bird Nest

Bird Nest in action

The ideal nesting house for birds.

  • For nesting or overwintering.
  • As an alternative for natural holes and cavities.
  • A beautiful natural habitat.

Natural holes and cavities in trees and rotting logs are becoming quite rare. It is therefore even more important to set up artificial nesting boxes for birds to protect them and keep them dry shelter. The Bird Nest House is not only suitable for the summer months, but will also provide a warm shelter during the winter. Birds have an average body temperature of about 40°C. In order to keep this temperature during the cold winter months they burn more fat than usual, lose weight and are therefore weakened in spring. A cold winter night can be fatal to a bird if it is unprotected, out in the open. It is so easy to help!


place or hang the bird nesting house in spring or summer in the location sheltered from the rain that had a sunny spot in your garden or on the patio. Sooner or later birds will settle down and set themselves up in the house. Make sure that food can be found in the garden or nearby surrounding area. The birds will most likely stay in their house during the winter. Enjoy watching their life, their coming and going. A beautiful experience, especially for children.


1. The house should be shielded against wind and rain, but exposed to the sun. Make sure it cannot be reached by cats or martens.
2. The front side of the house should show in southerly direction.
3. Leave the house hanging during the winter. Birds might be nesting and hibernating in it.
4. Do not paint or varnish the house. This is harmful for the animals.
5. Hang the boxes at a minimum distance of 10 meters from each other, except when you want to attract colony breeders such as sparrows, starlings or swallows.


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