Bat Nesting House


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The bat nesting house for at home! Do you see bats fluttering around the streetlights in the... more

The bat nesting house for at home!

Do you see bats fluttering around the streetlights in the evening? Do something good and offer them a shelter.

The Bat Nesting House is a natural accommodation for bats. They like to nest in barns and attics. The ever improving installation of houses makes it increasingly difficult for bats to find a suitable place to nest. If you do have bats in or near the house, you can help them find a suitable nesting site by hanging up this bat house. The bad house is made from natural, FSC-certified, weather resistant wood and has natural bark on the surface. The design is adapted to the needs of bats. The houses should be hung in locations that are similar to a natural hiding place of a bat.

Bats eat insects such as mosquitoes and flies and can therefore be very useful for humans.

This product is made of FSC®-certified wood. FSC® is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. Help us save our planet’s “green lung” for future generations!

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customer reviews on "Bat Nesting House"
28 Jul 2019

Schön und nützlich!

Ich habe schon seit länger Zeit Fledermäuse vor meinem Fenster im 4 Stock beobachtet, die sich fleißig von den Insekten, welche vom Licht angelockt werden, ernähren. Also dachte ich mir ich kann doch auch mal was Gutes für diese nützlichen Tierchen tun und hab den Nistkasten neben dem Fenster an der Außenwand meines Hauses angebracht. Seit dem ist das Fledermäuse beobachten noch einfacher geworden und das Fledermaushaus ist optisch schön und robust.

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