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Fledermaus-Kasten – der natürliche Unterschlupf zum Überwintern von Gardigo
Bat Nesting Box
A natural roosting aid for bats for attracting bats a clean and dry shelter for the animals Bats don’t have an easy life. Natural crevices and cavities in trees are becoming scarce. Even roosting places around human settlements are hard...
€ 49.90 *
Fledermaushaus – der natürliche und witterungsbeständige Fledermausunterschlupf von Gardigo
Bat Nesting House
The bat nesting house for at home! Do you see bats fluttering around the streetlights in the evening? Do something good and offer them a shelter. The Bat Nesting House is a natural accommodation for bats. They like to nest in barns and...
€ 18.90 *
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