Vole Trap


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Vole Trap


A re-usable tunnel trap

  • catches voles coming from either direction
  • easily tensioned

Voles dig their tunnels directly underneath the surface of your lawn, as they feed on roots and vegetables. The plants suffer immensely and will eventually die off. Earth mounds and collapsed tunnels are another unpleasant sight in the garden. The rodents reproduce at a fast rate and can quickly become a plague. The pest is easiest to control in its own underground tunnels. That is what the Gardigo Vole Trap is designed for.

To set the trap, one of the tunnels needs to be opened. These often run in straight lines between two mounds. Stick a probe (e.g. a thin metal rod) into the ground to find its exact position. If it sinks in easily at first and then with greater resistance, you have found a vole tunnel. A flower bulb planter is the ideal tool for digging a hole in which the trap fits as closely as possible. When inserting the trap, make sure that its openings align with the direction of the tunnel. As a draft of air would irritate the vole, make sure to seal the gap between the trap and the soil with leaves. Alternatively you may simply put a bucket over it. Tension the trap by pulling the handle located at its top. Once a vole moves the trigger pin, the trap snaps shut. A successful catch is indicted on the outside by the position of the handle. Removing the trap from the ground is not necessary to check for caught voles.


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