Snail Stop Fleece

Virgin wool 80 x 60 cm

  • For problems with slugs and snails around the vegetable patch
  • 100 % biodegradable: Natural fertilizer, that can simply be dug into the soil after use
  • Useful throughout the year: snail protection in spring and summer, frost protection in winter
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The Gardigo Snail Stop Fleece is a natural slug protection mat made of virgin wool. Its natural... more

The Gardigo Snail Stop Fleece is a natural slug protection mat made of virgin wool. Its natural fibers irritate the sensible skin of snails and dehydrate the molluscs. This is unpleasant for slugs such as the red slug and Spanish slug and they will avoid the mat.

As a pest, slugs can do a lot of damage in your garden. When the environmental conditions are right, they will reproduce rapidly. Lettuce, vegetables and decorative plants such as French marigold or daliahs are some of their favourite foods. But what are you going to do to deter or repel slugs and snails around the vegetable patch or raised bed?

The Gardigo Snail Stop Fleece is natural and works with its physical properties instead of poison. Killing the snails is not necessary. The mat is 100 % biodegradable. After 2 years one may simply dig it into the soil as a fertilizer.

During the cold time of year, the Snail Stop Fleece is a protection against frost.


Simply cut the fleece to the required size, place it over the patch and cut holes or slits into it, through which the plants can grow and get watered. The Snail Stop Fleece can be fixed to the ground with pegs, stones or clips if necessary.

Alternatively it can be cut into strips to be laid around the patch.


  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm
  • Material: virgin wool
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8 Oct 2021


Endlich fressen die Schnecken mir den Kohl nicht mehr kaputt. Sieht nur etwas ulkig aus.

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