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Slug tongs, set of 4

Collect and release slugs and snails

  • Made of bamboo (rapidly regrowing, biodegradable)
  • Animal-friendly slug control: release in nature instead of killing
  • For collecting slugs and snails on lettuce, strawberry plants and flowers
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There are many products against snails, but what can you if you don not want to do harm to the... more

There are many products against snails, but what can you if you don not want to do harm to the animals? With the GARDIGO slug tongs, you collect the hungry mollusks in the garden without touching them - hygienically and without disgust. Then release them back into nature.

Carnivorous flatworms can also be easily collected with the slug tongs. This invasive species is increasingly causing problems in Europe and is damaging our ecosystem. Caught flatworms should therefore not be released back into the wild.

Protect strawberry plants, lettuce, flower and vegetable beds from slugs by collecting them from the plants.

Our slug tongs are made of bamboo: this raw material not only grows at a rapid rate, but is also biodegradable.

Dimensions: approx. 5.5 x 15 x 0.7 cm each (W x H x D)

power supply: ohne
animal: Schnecke
place of use: Beet, outdoor, Rasen
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