Rat trap, set of 5


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Rat trap, set of 5

Schlag-Rattenfalle 5er-Set im Einsatz

The Gardigo set of 5 Rat Traps eliminates pestilential rodents quickly and reliably. Get rid of hygiene issues at home or at your work place!

Our snap traps are easy to set: simply push down the strike bar. Rats tend to run along walls. That would be the ideal place for a trap. To catch rodents independent of their walking direction, place the traps with the bait and trigger plate directed towards the wall. Place the bait in the center hole of the plate. Chocolate or hazelnut spread are tried and tested baits. You may also use peanut butter or liver sausage.

Or traps are made from a durable synthetic material, which is easy to clean, making our traps re-usable for years and years to come. Push down the bar to release a rat from the trap. No touching of the animal is required!


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