Rat Trap


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Rat Trap


For houses and farms

Many people are disgusted by rats. The inhabitants of the sewers spread germs and bacteria wherever they go. That is why rat control is particularly important.

Rats are a lot larger than mice. Thus rat traps need to be larger than mouse traps and need a strong spring to be able to kill the rodent quickly and painlessly. Just like the Gardigo Rat Trap.

A bait (e. g. peanut butter, chocolate and hazelnut spread or liver sausage) is simply applied to the circular trough in the centre of the actuator plate. Now the trap can be placed in a rat infested area. The best place is usually by a wall, as the animals like to run alongside the skirting. Place it with the bait and actuator pointed towards the wall to be able to catch rats coming from either direction.

The Rat Trap is tensioned by simply pressing down the tensioning bar. Caught rats can be released from the trap by pressing down on the bar once again - touching the animal is not required! This snap trap is made from sturdy plastic and is easy to clean for repeated use.


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