Live Rat-Trap Metal


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Live Rat-Trap Metal


Easily set up

  • easy to use
  • easy cleaning

The Live Rat-Trap Metal can be folded flat and then set up again with only one hand. The mechanism inside makes this happen almost by itself. The trap is easily tensioned by opening the door.

Carefully turn the trap on its side to release a caught rat, so it cannot sit on the actuator. Open the door again and the rodent will be able to run back into the wild.

Traps with wooden base plates often soak up the animals’ excrements. If the rodent suffers from stress, they may contain stress hormones which other rats will be able to smell. As a consequence, they may avoid the trap. With this model this is not a problem. As the Live Rat-Trap is made from metal, it is easy to clean.

We recommend placing the rat trap on the pathways the rodents use. They usually run along the skirting.

Chocolate and hazelnut spread, liver sausage and our Mouse & Rat Attractant (Art.-No 62370) are suitable baits.

Important: Check the trap regularly (at least every 2 hours) so as not to stress out the animal!


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  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 11 x 33 cm
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