Live Rat Trap DIY

For small and large rodents

  • Easy-access bait trough
  • Made of rinsable material
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Easy assembly
  • Catch live rats and mice
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Our Live Rat Trap DIY is supplied as a kit. The detailed illustrated instructions make assembly... more

Our Live Rat Trap DIY is supplied as a kit. The detailed illustrated instructions make assembly easy.

In the event of a rat infestation, immediate action is recommended to avoid serious problems with rats. However, killing a rat is not required for effective rat control. Instead, it is possible to catch them alive and release them at a safe distance.

More and more people are having problems with rats, as the most effective rodenticides are now limited to professional use due to new legal regulations. This is currently leading to a massive increase in rat population.

Where there are compost heaps, dustbins or where animal food is stored, and infestation with house rats or common rats is usually first noticed. This is where rat traps are set up.

This rat trap has a bait trough that is easily accessible through the bottom plate. It can be used with solid baits (cheese, bacon) as well as spreadable ones (chocolate & hazelnut spread, peanut butter). We recommend placing a piece of fruit inside the trap in addition to the bait. This will supply the caught rat with water.

The parts of this trap are made from rinsable plastic. This allows for using the live trap over and over again.

This cage trap is large enough for rats, but its trigger is sensitive enough to catch even mice, so it can be used for all kinds of rodent problems.

Dimensions: 11 x 13.6 x 24 cm (W x H x D)

Power supply: none
Animal: mouse, rat
Place of use: basement, garage, indoor, loft, outdoors, sheltered outdoor areas
Operating principle: live trap
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27 Sep 2022

wir sind die Ratten los

Wir konnten die Ratte schnell und sicher fangen. Klasse Produkt!

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