Mouse Trap 2.0

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  • Dimensions: 52 x 152 x 70 mm
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The hygienic way of catching mice The Gardigo Mouse Trap 2.0 is a snap trap enclosed in a... more

The hygienic way of catching mice

The Gardigo Mouse Trap 2.0 is a snap trap enclosed in a plastic box, which allows for catching rodents in a discreet and safer way than with ordinary mouse traps.

Pet paws and children’s hand need protection from powerful spring traps. The Gardigo Mouse Trap 2.0 makes it harder to reach the actuator and strike bar.

To fill the trap with a bait, open the hinged lid at the front of the trap. This trap is designed to be used with spreadable baits, which can be given into the circular bait trough. Chocolate and hazelnut spread, peanut butter or liver sausage are a perfect choice.

Set the baited trap by a wall. This is where mice usually run. Then tension the trap by pressing down on the the lever on the trap’s back.

From the position of the tensioning bar you can tell from afar whether the trap has triggered. After a successful catch, pressing down the lever again allows to dispose of the mouse without touching the animal. As the Mouse Trap 2.0 is made of plastic, it is easy to clean for repeated use.

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customer reviews on "Mouse Trap 2.0"
28 Feb 2022


Die Falle stört unseren Hund nicht. Ich hoffe wir fangen damit auch was. Mir sind schon des öfteren Geräusche auf unserem Dachboden aufgefallen

27 Oct 2021


Ich finde diese Falle total prima, sie lässt sich leicht spannen und die Entsorgung der toten Maus vor ein paar Tage war ebenso einfach. Werde ich ab jetzt immer hevorholen wenn es wieder ein Mäuseproblem bei uns gibt.

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