Mouse Spring Trap, Set of 10 France Edition


  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 5.6 x 9.7 cm (B x H x T) each
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France Edition mouse trap in french national colours The classic snap trap made of... more

France Edition

  • mouse trap in french national colours

The classic snap trap made of durable plastic - now in the colours of the tricolore.

Most mouse traps are not meant to attract attention. These are is different!

They entirely designed in the French national colours. This makes the traps perfect for funny gifts, craft ideas or decoration. Get creative with our colourful mouse traps!

Show everyone that you support the French team – with our France Edition snap traps. This extraordinary fan item is the perfect decoration for your football party and will be quite useful, e.g. as a clip for bet money or to seal bags of crisps. Or come up with a you own creative ideas.

But even after the championship is over, the mouse traps will be useful. Decorate money gifts or organize your office, they are a great alternative to clip boards and paperclips.

The traps can be set, snapped to a line or even screwed to walls, the ground, boards or other objects. For this purpose they have two holes in their baseplate.

Or simply catch a rodent. Plastic traps have advantages over wooden traps, as they can be cleaned easily. This is important for repeated use, as one catch is seldom enough. Mice rarely come singly and the rodents reproduce rapidly.

To catch even small mice, our Mouse Spring Trap’s trigger is extra sensitive. Be careful when filling tit with a spreadable bait such as Gardigo Mouse & Rat Attractant, peanut butter or chocolate and hazelnut spread and make sure that no bait gets onto the actuator.

Caught mice can be removed hygienically from the trap without touching them. Simply press on the tensioning bar.

Our Mouse Spring Traps have two holes for screwing or tying them into place. This way the won’t get lost.

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