Mouse Spring Trap Set of 10


  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 5.6 x 9.7 cm (B x H x T) each
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Germany edition The German way of catching mice - or a great way to present gifts! Most... more

Germany edition

  • The German way of catching mice - or a great way to present gifts!

Most mouse traps are meant to blend in seamlessly with the environment. The Gardigo Mouse Spring Trap - Germany Edition is different, coloured in the German national colours, black, red and gold. Use them as a unique decorative elements or as a witty way of presenting gifts.

Mouse traps can be really useful around the office. Is your desk covered in loose paperwork? Not a problem: The Mouse Spring Trap will help you tidying up the mess - it’s the extraordinary alternative to paperclips and clipboards.

Or simply use the traps to catch rodents. Mice have been reproducing rapidly in the last couple of years and the usage of many rodenticides for private individuals has been restricted. This is why traditional snap traps are increasingly popular.

The traps are made from plastic - perfect for repeated use, as they can be rinsed off with water.

The bait-trough is designed for spreadable baits. Simply put a some Gardigo Mouse-Rat-Attractant, chocolate and hazelnut spread or peanut butter in it. As the bait is not placed on the actuator on this type of trap, its sensitivity does not depend on the weight of the bait.

Handling this mouse trap is as simple as it gets: Place the baited traps on the pathways that mice frequent, usually alongside the walls. Now press down the tensioning bar with tow fingers until it locks. The trap is now ready.

To remove a caught rodent from the trap, simply press down the tensioning bar again.

For fixing the traps to the ground or a board, they have two holes in them.

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