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An innovative bucket trap

An ordinary bucket can be converted into a mouse and rat trap by using our Mouse-Plank Trap. Simply hang it on the edge of the bucket and lean a wooden board or similar climbing aid on the trap. Lay a piece of bait on the end of the plastic plank. As soon as the mouse tries to get to it, the plank will drop and the rodent will be trapped in the bucket. The plank returns to its initial position on its own and the trap is ready to catch further mice. Therefore a bait that will stick to the plank would be ideal. Spreads such as peanut butter, liver sausage or chocolate and hazelnut spread are tried and tested. Pad the bucket with straw so that caught animals will not hurt themselves when falling down. Do not fill the bucket with water. The Mouse-Plank-Trap is a live trap. Make sure to check the trap for caught mice several times a day and release the animals far away from human habitation.


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  • Dimensions: 8 x 16,8 x 18 cm
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