Mouse Live Trap XL 2.0 | large | tranparent housing

Spacious and transparent

  • Humane live mouse trap: extra large to avoid injuries to the mouse tail
  • transparent plastic: easy to rinse off, caught mouse is clearly visible
  • with water compartment, to supply caught rodents with liquids
  • with handle
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A trap for catching live mice – done right! Live traps for mice and other small rodents often... more

A trap for catching live mice – done right!

Live traps for mice and other small rodents often are very small. In many cases there is a significant risk of injuring the mouse’s tail with the shutting door. The long design of the Gardigo Mouse Live Trap XL 2.0 prevents this.

The trap is spacious, so a caught animal will not panic as easily as in small trap.

The tray compartment of this mouse trap has a tray that allows you to not only offer bait foods (e.g. chocolate and hazelnut spread), but also water, to supply the caught animal with liquids.

The transparent plastic housing makes it easy to check the trap, without having to open it. It is reinforced with metal parts in all the critical places, in order to minimize the risk of escape.

The trap has holes on its side, allowing to fix it to the ground.


  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 31.2 x 8 cm
Power supply: none
Animal: mouse
Place of use: garage, indoor, loft, outdoors, sheltered outdoor areas
Operating principle: live trap
Gebrauchsanweisung Maus-Lebend-Falle XL 2.0 (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Mouse Live Trap XL 2.0 | large | tranparent housing"
28 Feb 2022


Ich hoffe, dass die Maus die sich seid Tagen bei mir rumtreibt damit fangen lässt. Ich bin gespannt was passiert.

19 Oct 2021


Klappt prima. Ich konnte sehr gut das kleine verirrte Tier in meinem Keller raus ins freie Bringen, ohne dass es sich verletzt.

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