Mouse Live Trap - Set of 2 - Made in Germany


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Cage trap for small and large mice for catching live mice The last couple of mild... more

Cage trap for small and large mice

  • for catching live mice

The last couple of mild winters were ideal for mice. The rodents were able to reproduce rapidly and cause problems around the house. But how can you control this situation without harming the animals?

Simply use the Gardigo Mouse Live Trap. Place a piece of bait behind the actuator hook (chocolate and hazelnut spread or peanut butter should work well) and tension the trap. Once the rodent touches the hook on its way to the bait, the trap’s door shuts and the mouse is caught.

This mouse trap is made in a sheltered workshop in Germany. This gives persons with disabilities the chance to participate in work life and get adequate support.

Please check the trap in regular intervals and release caught mice in a distance of at least 2 km.

Gebrauchsanweisung Maus-Lebendfalle Käfig 2er Set (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Mouse Live Trap - Set of 2 - Made in Germany"
24 Aug 2022


Wir haben in unserem Keller leider Mäuse gehabt. Dank der Lebendfallen konnten wir die Mäuse schnell und problemlos raus bringen.

19 Oct 2021

klappt gut

Ich habe eine in unserer Speisekammer und eine weitere in unserem Keller platziert und in eine ist nach ein paar Tagen tatsächlich eine drin gewesen. Ich konnte sie dank der Lebendfalle sorglos nach draußen bringen :)

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