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Metal Bait Trap

Bait station for rat poison bait

  • Bait-trap for poisoned bait
  • For rats and mice
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Because rats can carry a wide range of pathogens, we try hard to keep them out of our houses. In... more

Because rats can carry a wide range of pathogens, we try hard to keep them out of our houses. In the unfortunate case of a rat infestation, poison baits are a tried and tested method of rodent control. But how do you place the bait in a way that pets and children cannot reach it? Rodenticides should never lie out in the open.

The Gardigo Metal Bait-Trap is the ideal enclosure for poison bait. It is designed to be affixed to walls and is lockable for child and pet safety.The integrated bait compartment ensures that the rat poison can not slip out of the trap. The opening of the bait station is large enough for rats to find their way in, but small enough that pets cannot reach the poison with their heads.

Dim.: 66 x 7 x 7.5 cm (W x H x D)

power supply: ohne
animal: mouse, rat
place of use: Dachboden, garage, Geschützter Außenbereich, indoor, Keller, outdoor
operating principle: Köderfalle
Gebrauchsanweisung Metall-Köderfalle (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Metal Bait Trap"
27 Oct 2021


Ich war erst skeptisch, da wir einen Hund haben und wir natürlich nicht wollen, dass er sich aus versehen verletzt. Doch glücklicherweise lässt er das Gerät links liegen und es kann seinen Job machen.

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