Live Mouse Trap XL


  • Dimensions: 11 x 14 x 24 cm (W x H x D)
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for big and small mice You would like to get rid of mice in the house, but killing an animal... more

for big and small mice

You would like to get rid of mice in the house, but killing an animal is out of the question? That is exactly what the Gardigo Live Mouse Trap XL is for.

Many mouse traps have a mechanism that isn’t sensitive enough to catch smaller rodents. The Live Mouse Trap XL has a very sensitive actuator mechanism. To spare the mice stress, this trap is extra large. Caught mice will not have to sit tight in an extremely confined space until you check the trap.

This trap is made from durable plastic, which allows it to be cleaned easily for repeated use. After all, a mouse seldom comes alone.

The bait trough of this live trap is mounted in the bottom plate and can easily be accessed by unscrewing it from the outside. Inconveniently reaching into the trap is not necessary to load it with bait – we recommend using chocolate and hazelnut spread or our Mouse & Rat Attractant (Art.-No. 62370). In addition you may put some fruit into the trap. This can supply caught animals with water.

The Gardigo Live Mouse Trap XL is delivered as a kit that can easily be assembled thanks to the illustrated instructions.

Important: Please check the trap regularly to avoid stress for caught animals.

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