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Catch mice and rats hygienically with bait or a mousetrap in a box. Simple and hygienic use... more

Catch mice and rats hygienically with bait or a mousetrap in a box.

  • Simple and hygienic use
  • Safe and lockable

The Gardigo bait box for mice and rats; the bait can be used for safely laying out rat and mouse poison, or a mouse trap.

Mice and rats in the garden, in the garage or in the house are unwanted guests and should be eliminated as quickly and early as possible to avoid a larger population breeding in the vicinity. If no action is taken in the beginning, getting rid of a larger population can become a costly task and makes the environment quite unhygienic. When using poison or traps, it is extremely important to make sure that children and pets are not harmed in any way or that the rodents do not become a health hazard.

The lockable bait box from Gardigo makes catching mice and rats safe and at the same time efficient. The bait box can be set up with poison or a mouse trap (not included), protecting the environment but at the same time allowing rodents to enter it. The box is locked with a key, so that it cannot be opened by an inquisitive child. The opening is large enough to let a mouse or rat into the box and when it is caught in the box, it will perish there and can be disposed of very hygienically.


Open the lid of the bait box by inserting the supplied key into the round opening of the lid and turning it. The box will open automatically. On the left and right you will see compartments in which bait or poison can be placed. The dimensions of the box also allow the placement of a mouse trap 11,5 x 5 cm, set up with a delicious bait.

Place the bait box into the path of the rat or mouse, preferably along a wall. Both openings should be facing opposite directions along the path. Please follow the descriptions when using poisons or mouse traps carefully.

Gebrauchsanweisung Köderbox (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Bait box"
17 Feb 2020

Äußerst nützlich

Als ich Mäuse im Haus hatte, habe ich einfache Mausefallen mit Schokolade als Köder benutzt, jedoch fand mein Hund die Schokolade auch sehr interessant und wollte diese von der Falle lecken. Da ich nicht wollte, dass mein Hund sich an den Fallen noch verletzt habe ich mir diese Köderbox zugelegt. Einfach die Box aufmachen, Falle rein und Box verschließen. Eine einfacherere und sicherere Lösung hätten ich gar nicht finden können! Und die Mäuse waren, dann auch in kürzester Zeit gefangen.

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