Vole & mole mesh

Protection against voles for tree roots and raised beds

  • Barrier to moles under the lawn surface
  • Made of robust high-density polyethylene
  • Can also be used as a digging protection for pets or a poultry fence
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Protect the lawn, the raised bed or the newly planted trees from voles and moles: Lay the... more

Protect the lawn, the raised bed or the newly planted trees from voles and moles: Lay the Gardigo vole & mole mesh under the lawn as a barrier to prevent molehills!

When building a raised bed, a vole barrier must not be missing, because voles like to eat the roots of the plants. The plastic mesh is easier to handle and cut than a metal mesh. Also, it is not as sharp edged.

Versatile, e.g. as a digging protection: Simply lay the grid on the lawn to prevent dogs, chickens or other pets from digging. The mat can also be used as a poultry fence.


  • Dimensions: approx. 195 x 150 cm
  • Mesh size: 12 mm
operating principle: Physische Barrieren
power supply: ohne
animal: Maulwurf, Wühlmaus
place of use: Beet, Hochbeet, Rasen
Jahreszeit: Frühjahr/Sommer, Herbst/Winter
Bodenbeschaffenheit: für harten Boden, für weichen Boden
Lichtverhältnisse: schattig, sonnig, teilweise schattig, überwiegend schattig
Reichweite: < 700 qm
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