Mole Repellent, Solar


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Mole Repellent, Solar

Maulwurf-Abwehr Solar Mini

Small, but with great effect.

The Gardigo Mole Mini Repellent, Solar impresses with its small size. It can be completely hidden in the lawn with only the solar panel showing. Fully charged, the battery can last up to 7 days. The device will emit a quartz generated frequency at an interval of 30 seconds, making life for moles and voles most uncomfortable and driving them away in an environmentally friendly way. To get the best results in the shortest time, please read the user manual carefully regarding the placement of repellents.



To drive a mole or vole successfully and permanently from your property, there are a number of points that must be considered and followed when applying the repellent:

Try not to “encircle” the mole with a number of repellents. He will have no way out. Start by placing one or more mole repellents opposite to the area where you want to drive a mole to. We recommend to start near the wall of the house.


After one or two weeks, move the mole repellent away from the house into the direction where you want the mole to go to. You will be able to follow its line of movement by watching the dirt hills. When moving the device, please doublecheck if it is still active and working (the device will emit a sound).


The device has an easily accessible on off switch. It would be advisable to switch off the device for one or two days, as the mole might have become accustomed to the noise. This would give the mole enough time to get used to some peace and quiet. When the device is switched on again he will find the most irritating.


The mole might move with different speeds. This can have various reasons: the mole has become accustomed or is more resistant to the noise, or the soil contains more sand, peat or clay.


When using the device for the first time you might find more mole hills than usual in the garden. This is quite normal. The mole notices a change in its environment and wants to find out where the change is coming from and if it can be eliminated. In the long run the sound will be annoying to the mole and he will start moving away from it.


This behavior is also quite common in humans. If there is an unpleasant smell in an area, you will first look and try to find the origin of the smell. If the source of the smell cannot be found or the smell cannot be eliminated, you will either get used to the smell, not noticing it any more, or you will leave the area. If you have accumulated to the smell, the smell goes away and comes back again, you will notice the smell again.

How can I tell if I have a mole or vole visiting my garden?

Moles usually have a number of quite large mounds at regular intervals. Voles will have only 2 to 3 larger, and a number of smaller mounds. Unlike the high, round and regular shaped mole hill, the mound of the vole has an irregular shape and is quite flat. The tunnel of a mole is usually directly under the mound whereas the tunnel of a vole will normally be at the side.

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From: 03.07.2017 22:01

Klasse gegen Wühlmäuse

Nach 2 Wochen waren alle Mäuse verschwunden.

From: 03.07.2015 13:15

Praktisch und wirksam

Ich bin sehr begeistert von diesem Produkt. Es ist nicht nur, dass es super gegen Maulwürfe und Wühlmäuse wirkt, es ist auch noch äußert unauffällig und praktisch beim Mähen! Das mit dem Mähen habe ich gleich getestet! Es ist toll für meinen Garten.


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  • Frequency response: 400 Hz every 30 sec
  • Effective range: up to 700 m²
  • Power consumption: 2.4 V/0.1- 12 mA
  • Power supply: 2x AA NiMh Battery 600 mAh
  • Safety class: IP 65
  • Dim.: 285 x 65 x 65 mm
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