Earth Auger Drill


  • Dimensions: 43.5 x 43,5 x 4.2 cm
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Perfect for our mole and vole repellers Are you trying to install our mole deterring products... more

Perfect for our mole and vole repellers

Are you trying to install our mole deterring products into the ground, but the soil is too hard? Digging a suitable hole with a spade can be tiresome. A large garden, where several mole repellers are necessary, may even be exhausting.

The Gardigo Earth Auger Drill makes this work much easier to do. The device is simply screwed into the earth and pulled out again, to remove excess earth from the hole.

The auger’s diameter matches our mole repellers. This allows for perfectly sized holes to keep the damage to your lawn as small as possible. The wide handle bar allows to apply a lot of force on the auger, which makes it easy to drill holes even into heavy soils. The handle bar’s plastic caps make using the device a comfortable experience.

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customer reviews on "Earth Auger Drill"
27 Oct 2021

super leicht

klappt super, jetzt geht das Einsetzen des Geräts ganz einfach. Ich konnte es lange nicht in den Boden bekommen, aber das macht es viel einfacher.

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