Water Animal-Repellent


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Water Animal-Repellent

Water Animal-Repellent in action

Scare water shy animals from your garden.
Easy to install with great effect

The Gardigo Water Animal-Repellent is an effective but friendly way of keeping all water-shy animals such as birds, dogs, cats, hares and others away from your garden, flowerbeds and fishpond. As soon as an intruder enters the viewing field of the PIR motion sensor, a jet of water is sprayed across the field of view, reaching up to 10 m. The sudden burst of water will scare away all animals. At first, they will run away and maybe they will return, but after a few frights they will avoid the area completely. The device is particularly well-suited to keep herons and other large birds away from your fishpond or cats away from your flowerbeds. The Water Animal-Repellent can be installed anywhere in the garden, as it operates on 2 AA batteries and only needs the connection of a water hose, which will usually reach every corner of the garden. It is the ideal, environmentally friendly and non-violent way to keep away unwanted animals from certain areas of your garden. The animals are not harmed in any way as the bursts of water only gives them a fright and triggers their instinct to flee.


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  • Range: to 10 m (depending on water pressure)
  • Angle: 120° (adjustable)
  • PIR motion sensor: 100° x 60°
  • Adjustable waterspout: left/right, short/far
  • Standard connector for garden hose
  • 2 x AA Batteries (included)
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