Cat and Dog Repellent, Solar


  • Detection angle 110°
  • Detection range 7m
  • Frequency response 23 KHz
  • Sound pressure 83 db
  • Power supply 4,8V / 50mA
  • Battery 3,2V 500mA
  • Dimensions: 135 x 80 x 115 mm
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  • 60055
Get rid of cats and dogs effectively! Effective with ultrasound Safe for humans and pets... more

Get rid of cats and dogs effectively!

  • Effective with ultrasound
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Covers a large area

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in our households. Whether in the garden or in the living room they are always welcome and loved. On the other hand there are areas that should be pet free like pantries, sandpits or ponds.

The Gardigo Solar Cat and Dog Repellant will drive your pets away from these areas by using an ultrasonic sound system. An infrared motion detector registers when an animal is in the vicinity and the ultrasonic sound is switched on.

The extremely high sound is initially perceived subconsciously by the animal, but in the long run animals feel quite uncomfortable with the sound and will look for a quieter whereabouts. The animals do not feel scared and the sound is harmless. The ultrasonic speaker should be mounted between 10 and 30 cm above ground level. 

The device can be switched between “Sound Only” and “Sound with LED flash”.

Where does it show, that the Gardigo Cat and Dog Repellant is active? The function LED is... more

Where does it show, that the Gardigo Cat and Dog Repellant is active?

The function LED is located, looking at the item from the front, at the top right under the housing. When batteries are put in, the device will automatically become active. After a short time and a little movement the LED will switch on.

Why does the LED sometimes flicker?

The flickering LED indicates the change of frequencies and an active function. As long as the LED lights up, the unit and the ultrasonic sound are active.

Where do I ideally mount the Gardigo Cat and Dog Repellant Solar?

Is depends very much on the purpose and the area you want to cover. In general and in most cases the ideal mounting height is approximately at knee height. The motion detector and the speakers cover an angle of approximately 70°. If the unit is mounted higher than knee height and not tilted downwards, then there is a big blind spot below the device. Placing the device higher and tilted will shorten the range, making sure, that the device is not triggered by movements beyond the garden fence. One should always make sure that the motion sensor is not obscured by leaves or other items.

Hunde- und Katzen-Abwehr Abbildung Wirkungsbereich

Gebrauchsanweisung Solar Hunde-Katzen-Abwehr (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Cat and Dog Repellent, Solar"
2 Aug 2018

Kein Hundeklo mehr

Nachdem die "Solar Hunde-Katzen-Abwehr" versteckt installiert wurde, ist kein Hundeschiss mehr im Vorgarten. Die Blitzeinstellung habe ich abgeschaltet, (da die Hundebesitzer gerne entfernen, was die Hunde stört.) Ich bin rundum zufrieden.

3 Jun 2016

Scheint zu funktionieren

Ich hatte letztens eine Begegnung mit einer streunenden Nachbarskatze. Sie muss wohl durch die offene Terrassentür hereingekommen sein, denn sie saß in meiner Küche und hat sich am Lachs bedient, den ich zuvor auf den Tisch gestellt hatte. Ich war stinksauer und möchte sowas nicht noch einmal erleben! Dieses Ereignis hat mich dazu gebracht, mir dieses Produkt zuzulegen. Es hängt jetzt seit einigen Wochen an meinem Gartenzaun und bis jetzt hab ich keine Katze mehr in der Nähe meines Grundstücks gesehen. Hundehaufen habe ich auch keine mehr vorm Zaun.

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