Anti Cat Pouch - Set of 4


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Deterring scent keeps away cats With dog hair from selected dog parlours All natural –... more

Deterring scent keeps away cats

  • With dog hair from selected dog parlours
  • All natural – no poison or chemical agents

Cats are very peculiar pets. When they are allowed to go outdoors, they will hang about in the most varied places. In some places however, they are not welcome. They should be kept away from engine bonnets and you wouldn’t want them to do their business on the terrace or in the garden. But what can you do about cats? How can you get rid of the animals, repel or deter them?

For this purpose, the Gardigo Anti Cat Pouch was developed. It contains dog hair from selected parlours as well as a composition of scents. The animals will perceive this smell as a danger and will instinctively try to keep their distance.

Simply pull the pouch out of its protective foil and tie it to a safe place with its strings. Other animals and children should not be able to reach it. Check the pouch in regular intervals. Should it disappear, use a new pouch immediately!

Ingredients: Thermally processed mixture of dog hair threads from various breeds, sourced from selected dog parlours. A fragrance composition and herbal wax are added to prolong the usage period.

Estimated usage period: up to 3 months per pouch.

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customer reviews on "Anti Cat Pouch - Set of 4"
24 Feb 2022


Super guter Kauf. Es war leicht zu verstecken. Es fällt also nicht auf, mal sehen ob es auch das tut was es soll. Die Nachbars Katze treibt sich nämlich ständig durch unseren Garten, das muss ja wirklich nicht sein

27 Oct 2021

super praktisch

Seitdem ich das Säckchen aufgehängt habe kommen keine fremden Katzen mehr in unseren Garten. Wirklich praktisch!

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