Anti-Bark Trainer


  • Adjustable for two ranges
  • High: up to 6m (20ft) range
  • Low: up to 3m (10ft) range
  • LED – indicator
  • Requires 9V batteries (6LR61) *not included
  • Dimensions: 44 x 122 x 24 mm
€ 12.90 *

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  • 60061
Train your dog with ultrasonic frequencies. Trains the dog to renounce barking... more

Train your dog with ultrasonic frequencies.

  • Trains the dog to renounce barking
  • Automatic bark-stopper detects dog barking
  • Ultrasonic sound discourages dog from barking

The Gardigo Anti-Bark Trainer is the ideal product to train the barking habits of your dog in a humane and pet friendly way. The device detects the barking of your dog and an ultrasonic sound, that only your dog can hear, is immediately triggered. The emitted sound is perceived as extremely unpleasant. As soon as the barking stops, the sound stops. Your dog will begin to learn, that whenever he starts barking, it is automatically connected to a most uncomfortable noise and whenever he stops, the noise has gone. He will very soon make a connection and reduce, if not even stop barking altogether.

All dogs bark and in some cases it is good and relevant. If however constant barking becomes a nuisance to you and to your neighbourhood, the Anti-Bark Trainer is the ideal solution and a great help in educating your dog. The emitted ultrasonic sound is not audible to humans. The device will work with all dogs, regardless of breed and size. This is the ideal method of controlling constantly barking dogs.


  • Discourages the dog from barking by using ultrasonic frequencies (25kHz).
  • Every time the dog barks the ultrasonic frequencies (25 kHz) are triggered, making it feel most uncomfortable.
  • The dog will learn to associate the uncomfortable sound with his barking habit, and gradually stop.
  • The ultrasonic sound is this only triggered by the barks of a dog.
Gebrauchsanweisung Bell-Stopper (PDF) more
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15 Apr 2018

Funktioniert gut

9V-Batterien sind leider sehr teuer.

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