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Animal Repellent with stake and batteries


All-in-One ultrasonic deterrent against birds and wildlife.

  • Defines animal-free zones in- and outside the house
  • For problems with dogs, cats, martens, birds, game & wildlife
  • Daylight sensor
  • Three different settings
  • Hanger integrated into the back of the device
  • Earth spike and batteries ncluded
€ 21.90 *

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  • 60046
Having animals around you is something beautiful and should belong to your everyday life. But... more

Having animals around you is something beautiful and should belong to your everyday life. But only as long as pets and other animals do not become a nuisance and a hazard to your environment, impairing your quality-of-life. When this happens, it is time to evict animals from certain areas and to act accordingly. It is of course important that neither dog, cat, bird or any other animal is harmed in the process. Especially when it comes to the pets of the neighbours.

With the devices from Gardigo, animals can safely be repelled, deterred and educated not to enter certain areas. The Gardigo Repellent makes areas, which you want to keep animal free, highly unattractive for animals such as cats, dogs, martens, birds or wildlife to enter. Your neighbours pets will stay away and instead leave their faeces in their own garden. The ultrahigh frequencies of the Gardigo Animal Repellent will keep away all unwanted animals.

The success of the Gardigo Repellent against the animals will already occur after a short time of use, irritating the animals by emitting a high-frequency sound. The hearing capabilities of dogs, cats and most other animals is extremely sensitive to high-pitched sounds. The loud and uncomfortable noise is initially only noticed unconsciously by the animals, but after a short time they will become irritated and stay away from the area. Strong LED flashlights, activated in the evening and at night, are an additional and effective method of making the area even more unattractive. If a long term repellent against cats and dogs is needed, it is recommended to use the Animal Repellent at level III. This will prolong the life of the batteries and keep unwanted visitors away for a long time.

The Gardigo Animal Repellent is supplied with an additional spike which allows you to mount the device on the lawn, in the flower beds or even in the flower pot. Additionally the animal repellent can simply be hung on a wall or a fence. The diversity of placement options makes it easy to use the device in precisely the location that it is needed.


  • Frequency: 20,000–30,000 Hz
  • Helps to protect against dogs, cats, martens, birds, foxes, dormice, etc.
  • 4-position switch:
    Pos. 0: OFF
    Pos. 1: 20 seconds ON/50 seconds OFF
    Pos. 2: 20 seconds ON/ 2 minutes OFF
    Pos. 3: 20 seconds ON/ 5 minutes OFF
  • Includes ground spike, wall mounting possible
  • Power supply: 3 x AA batteries, 5 V power supply
  • Dim.: 8,5 cm x 11,5 cm x 5,5 cm
    (Stake: 3 cm x 27 cm x 1 cm)
operating principle: Licht, Ultraschall
power supply: Batterien, Netzteil
animal: dog, Fuchs, Katze, Marder, mouse, rat, Vögel, Wild
place of use: Dachboden, garage, Geschützter Außenbereich, indoor, outdoor, Scheune, Stall
Special feature: EIN-/AUS-Schalter, Erdspieß
Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2016 more

Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2016


Gebrauchsanweisung Tierabwehr mit Erdspieß und Batterien (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Animal Repellent with stake and batteries"
14 May 2016


An Gardigo,
Habe von NORMA das Tierabwehrgerät (Art.Nr. 60046) gekauft und war sehr zufrieden.
Habe neue Batterien eingesetzt und die LED blinken jetzt nicht mehr.
Was muß ich jetzt tun um dies wieder in Gang zu setzten.
Hatte das Gerät im Einsatz und mußte eine super Wirkung feststellen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Hirschau

12 May 2016

USB Kabel

Es wäre gut, wenn das Gerät einen USB Anschluss hätte
Das Kabel mit dem Klinkenstecker benannt wäre oder allgemeinem Standart entsprechen würde.

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