Animal Repellent with Spike



  • Frequency: 20.000 - 30.000 Hz
  • For repelling dogs, cats, martens, weasels, birds, foxes, squirrels etc.
  • 3 modes are available:
    Pos. 0: OFF
    Pos. 1: 20 seconds ON / 50 seconds OFF
    Pos. 2: 20 seconds ON / 2 minutes OFF
    Pos. 3: 20 seconds ON / 5 minutes OFF
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries, 5V power supply or USB cable (not contained in the delivery)
  • Dim.: 8,5 cm x 11,5 cm x 5,5 cm
    (Spike: 3 cm x 27 cm x 1 cm)
€ 29.90 *

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  • 60048
The ideal, non-violent barrier for dogs, cats, weasels and martens, birds and other wildlife.... more

The ideal, non-violent barrier for dogs, cats, weasels and martens, birds and other wildlife.

  • Defines animal-free zones in- and outside the house
  • Recognizes day and night
  • Three different settings

Having animals in our surroundings and environment is a very normal thing. One should always treat pets and wild animals with respect. The respect should also apply, when we show the animals their limits. With our pets we train the do’s and don’ts. All other animals need to be shown in a respectful way where their borders are.

The Gardigo Animal Repellent is effective against unwanted visitors and behaviors of animals in the house and in the garden. When this device is set up, the area around it is a restricted area for all cats, dogs, martens and other animals. The neighbour’s cat will not use your child’s sandbox as a convenient toilet and the dog will not dig up your garden. The emitted ultrahigh frequencies are so uncomfortable and irritating for most animals, that they will avoid the whole area and are unlikely to return.

Cats and dogs will at first register the irritating noise unconsciously, but will then look for a quieter place to go about their ways. The extremely bright LED-flash adds to the irritating effect, especially after sundown. This is the time when weasels, martens and cats like to prowl through the garden.

The Gardigo Animal Repellent can easily be mounted with the supplied spike or can be attached to a wall or a garden fence, depending on the area and the animals you want to deter. The flexible application allows an ideal adaption to the surroundings and the vicinity.

Heimwerker Praxis Test:

Gardigo Animal Repellent was evaluated in the magazine “Heimwerker Praxis” 3/2016 as “good “= 1,5.

Conclusion: „Fending off animals using ultrasound is not a fast-working approach and one may have to experiment a little to find the ideal setup, but it does no harm to animals and is eco-friendly.“

Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2016 more

Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2016


Gebrauchsanweisung Tierabwehr mit Erdspieß (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Animal Repellent with Spike"
27 May 2016

Gegen Wildschwein genutzt

Ich habe letztens in meinem Garten ein Wildschwein beobachtet, wie es anfing unseren halben Garten umzugraben. Ich konnte es in dem Moment irgendwie verscheuchen, allerdings hatte ich Angst, dass das noch einmal passieren kann. Da ich auch eine kleine Tochter habe und wir an einem Feld wohnen, habe ich zu viel Angst gehabt, dass so ein wildes Tier meine Tochter beim Spielen überraschen könnte. Daher habe ich mir dieses Produkt gekauft und habe mir eine schnelle Wirkung erhofft. Leider kam das Wildschwein noch einmal wieder und ich dachte erst das Produkt hätte nicht seinen Zweck erfüllt. Doch dann vergingen Tage und Wochen und ich habe das Wild nie wieder gesehen - zum Glück! Etwas schnellere Wirkung wäre schön, aber trotzdem super Produkt!

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