Solar Pigeon-Repeller Crow


  • Dimensions: 13 x 23 x 41 cm (W x H x D)
  • Battery: Li-Ion; 3.7 V; 1200 mAh
  • Range: approx. 4 m
  • Radar motion sensor: Frequency 2.7 GHz, Power 2mW
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Solar panel
  • Speaker on the front
  • On-/off switch
  • Ground Spike
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The crow as a natural enemy of songbirds Radar motion sensor for 360° coverage emits... more

The crow as a natural enemy of songbirds

  • Radar motion sensor for 360° coverage
  • emits realistic crow sounds
  • with ON/OFF switch

In case of problems with pigeons and songbirds it is possible to make use of the animals’ natural instincts. They keep their distance from crows and pigeons, because they do not want to get into trouble with a predator. Our Solar Pigeon-Repeller Crow is a particularly realistic dummy that emits sound as soon as a bird approaches. Thanks to the integrated radar motion sensor, it will detect an approach from all sides. The crow is supplied with power by the integrated solar panel. To make sure that neighbours do not feel disturbed, it’s possible to switch off the bird at night by pressing the button on its back. Natural sounds such as bird calls are not as much of a disturbance as artificial sounds, so this rarely is a problem.

Sills, facades, cornices, balconies and carports need protection from pigeons and their droppings. Songbirds can be a problem in the garden, especially when they ravage fruit trees. The Solar Pigeon-Repeller Crow can be screwed to these places or anchored to the ground or a flower pot with the included ground spike.

Gebrauchsanweisung Solar Tauben-Abwehr Krähe (PDF) more
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